Silver Creek Software Ltd.
August 2009 to January 2011
Intuit Canada

Desktop Support

    1. Work independently and on a team to provide local and remote desktop support for Intuit Canada with exposure into the States, Calgary, Mississauga and the UK. Assisted and setup live meetings with A/V and broadcasting equipment. Responsibilities:
      1. Hardware support for Intel  and AMD PC compatible desktops / laptops (Dell, Toshiba, IBM / Lenovo, HP/Compaq)
      2. Software support for MAC desktops / laptops
      3. Dban old systems to be repurposed as charitable donations
      4. Windows XP Professional imaging and Sysprep
      5. Windows Server 2008 Domain / Active Directory Support
      6. BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) Client Administration
      7. Blackberry Device Support
      8. Exchange Server (Client Email / Calendar Administration)
      9. Network Storage Permissions Administration (Windows Server 2003)
      10. Terminal Server Administration (Windows Server 2003)
      11. Basic phone / PBX support
      12. Support for Cisco Meeting Place, WebEx, Office 2003-2007, Visio 2003-2007, OneNote 2007, Adobe CS3-CS4, CMS, VMware 4-7, Trados, Adobe Acrobat, Araxis Merge, Ceridian, Oxygen XML editor, Perforce, Credent Encryption
      13. Support and troubleshooting for VPN clients (Nortel IPSec, Cisco SSL and IPSec)
      14. Troubleshoot hardware issues
      15. Troubleshoot software issues (extensive support for Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit and x64)
      16. Provide support for meetings (setup / video capture, broadcast, sound systems)
      17. Utilize Pulse and Remedy ticketing software to track and resolve client issues
      18. Microsoft Internet explorer 6-9 support and troubleshooting
      19. Networked Printer support (Ricoh MP4000-C6000, Misc Cannon)
      20. Desktop imaging and software deployment via LanDesk


Larotech Computer Services Ltd.
December 2006 to Present
Various Clients

Desktop Support, Upgrades & Consulting

    1. Owner and operator of Alberta licensed Larotech Computer Services Ltd., providing well grounded troubleshooting skill with an ever expanding resource set to the general public and business sector. Responsibilities:
      1. Software and hardware troubleshooting in a broad range of PC environments, from Business to Home computing
      2. Providing extensive virus removal techniques to customers
      3. Providing support for virtually all Microsoft operating systems  (95, 98, ME,NT, 2000, XP,Vista, Windows 7) and compatible software
      4. Data Backup over NAS and optical mediums
      5. Norton Ghost and XML Drive Image is used to backup, restore and deploy systems and provide an effective asset for upgrading hard drives in client computers efficiently
      6. Build Custom PC systems tailored for specific end user needs
      7. Extensive hardware and software upgrades on Intel / AMD PC compatible Desktops / Laptops(Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Compaq / HP, Asus, Sony, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo) expanding support for Intel based Apple Macs
      8. TCP/IP Networking, wired / wireless, security, PC’s, Servers & Printers
      9. On call, on demand flexible customer support
      10. Perform remote support call sessions to customers through realVNC, Windows Remote Desktop / Terminal Services, Team Viewer, and LogMeIn, (SMS Remote software)
      11. Extensive Sony Vegas video editing / DVD authoring
      12. Blackberry support, backup, install, activation (TELUS)
      13. Setup install and support Filezilla, WS-FTP server / client software
      14. Setup simple VPN solutions for LAN over WAN connections. Vista, Windows 2000, XP professional
      15. Install / Configure Microsoft Publisher 2003, Visio 2003, Office 2003 / 2007, Microsoft Project 2003
      16. Install / support / troubleshoot virus scanner tools on client systems (Norton, AVG, MacAfee)
    2. Client: Silver Creek Software Ltd. (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. System installs / Upgrades
      2. Data backup / Recovery
      3. Software troubleshooting
      4. Networking support / Troubleshooting
    3. Client: Greylion Foundation (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Networking / Troubleshooting
      2. Networking / 4 Printers
      3. Networking / VPN access
      4. Networking / Remote Desktop access (SMS Remote software)
      5. Software Troubleshooting
      6. Hardware troubleshooting
    4. Client: Charter Book Keeping Ltd. (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Networking / Setup / Troubleshooting
      2. Networked Printers
      3. Desktop support / software troubleshooting
      4. Networking / VPN access install and support
      5. Networking / Remote desktop access (SMS Remote software)
      6. Office 2003 - 2007 / Access / Outlook Support
    5. Client: Bouree Cook Transport (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Networking / Internet Sharing
      2. Networking / Troubleshooting
      3. Desktop support / Setup, Installs, Upgrades
      4. Software Troubleshooting
      5. Hardware Troubleshooting
      6. Remote access (SMS Remote software)
      7. Networking / Printers
      8. Office 2003 – 2007 Access / Outlook support
      9. Remote Support / Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, PcAnyWhere (SMS Remote software)
      10. Blackberry Support / Backup


    1. Client: Tycon Rebar (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Outlook 2007 support
      2. Software troubleshooting
      3. Remote support (SMS Remote software)
    2. Client: Jutras Construction (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Website Domain registration
      2. Email setup / Configuration
      3. Desktop support
      4. Software troubleshooting
      5. Virus removal
    3. Client: Benchmark Builders (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. System installs Upgrades
      2. Networking / Troubleshooting / Printers
      3. Software troubleshooting
      4. Hardware troubleshooting
      5. Antivirus installs, virus removal
    4. Client: Westcon Construction (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Reusable Invoice Forms, Reports, Bids, Estimates, Letter head, Templates built with Office 2007
      2. System installs / upgrades
      3. Software troubleshooting
      4. Hardware Troubleshooting
    5. Client: FleetGo Tire & Lube Inc (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Software troubleshooting
      2. Hardware troubleshooting
      3. System upgrades
      4. Antivirus support / installs
    6. Client: Three Way Electrical (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Remote support (SMS Remote software)
      2. Virus Removal
      3. Software troubleshooting
      4. Install / Configure Microsoft Project 2003
      5. Antivirus installs / support
    7. Client: Tri-Standard Accounting (Part Time Ongoing Support)
      1. Electronic file management
      2. Network backup
      3. Network management
      4. Remote support
      5. Secure online client accounting file transfers
      6. Software support (Quickbooks, Profile, Sage)


December 2006 to July 2009

I.T. Support

    1. Information Technology Administrator with ongoing desktop support, networking, data backup, and streaming media over wide area networks. Provide troubleshooting for mission critical events via house calls, remote desktop, and phone support. On call, on demand support delivered in high priority.  Responsibilities:
      1. Providing high priority  I.T. support
      2. Blackberry device Support
      3. Network management wired / wireless, Intel based PC’s (Toshiba, HP), Servers(Buffalo NAS, Custom built Media Servers) & Printers (Canon, Ricoh, HP)
      4. NEC ASPIRE digital phone system support
      5. Service a fleet of 33 Intel based desktop / laptops (Toshiba, HP), networked printers(Canon, HP), photocopiers(Canon 3170, Ricoh C5000)
      6. Hardware / Software troubleshooting
      7. Hardware / Software upgrades
      8. Data Backup / system maintenance
      9. Basic Linux tasks
      10. Equipment purchases
      11. 16 channel Ethersound implementation and control
      12. Streaming media, live calls delivered with QoS
      13. Work independently and in team environments
      14. Extensive video editing / DVD authoring & format conversions
      15. Setup install and support Filezilla, WS-FTP server / client software
      16. Maintain Office 2007 Standard corporate license (33 clients)
      17. Remote support (SMS Remote software)
      18. Antivirus installs / support / troubleshooting
      19. VPN access setup / install
      20. Multitrack Audio Recording
      21. Multitrack Audio Mixing
      22. Extensive Windows XP Professional support, troubleshooting
      23. Internet Explorer 6,7,8 support and troubleshooting


February 1996 to December 2006

Technical Support

    1. Volunteered skill set for a variety of technologies and tasks.  Responsibilities:
      1. Work in a team environment
      2. Honest, prudent and reliable
      3. Entrusted with keys and pass codes
      4. Support Audio / Video streaming to clients
      5. Provide support for all Intel-based PCs (such as Compaq, Dell, IBM, etc.) and network administration
      6. Helped develop a reliable video distribution system by modifying the VCD format to suit demanding needs
      7. Created a database in MS Access 97 and front end in VBasic 5 to track a library of audio tapes
      8. Provide “on call” support
      9. Provide technical knowledge and experience with Windows 2000/Windows XP Professional.
      10. Provide technical knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office 2000/2003
      11. Provide technical knowledge and experience with Intel-based Notebooks (such as Compaq, Dell, IBM, etc.).
      12. Provide technical knowledge and experience with networked printers
      13. Provide technical knowledge and experience with Internet Explorer 6-7
      14. Provide technical support and setup for Windows Streaming Media 9
      15. Install / maintain / troubleshoot Norton Antivirus, AVG Antivirus


Great Northern Antiquities
January 2003 to March 2003

Commercial Website

    1. Worked on a team to create a virtual warehouse on the internet for the purpose of driving customers to the Antiques business.  Responsibilities:
      1. Up kept website using HTML and simple ASP scripting
      2. Used tools such as Microsoft Front Page to ease the task of global updates and to link relationships with website and other resources
      3. Maintained website until company was sold and operated under another name.


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